Here's a unique look at the 2016 Chevrolet Volt from the perspective of a website that typically examines Android-related products.

Via Android Authority:

"The Chevy Volt is known for its electric and gas powered driving capabilities. You heard that right, it uses both electricity and gasoline, but more on that later. Our main concern for now is learning about the battery technology, which does wonders."

"So this vehicle weighs 3,875 pounds, of which about 412 pounds are pure battery weight (187 kilograms). The vehicle can drive for an average of 50 miles on a single charge (using only electricity). What makes the Chevy Volt special is that it can also use regular gasoline for long trips. The gas-powered system will kick in as soon as that battery dies."

"Talking about batteries dying and being recharged, this battery can go through 6000 charging cycles before any significant degradation starts showing up. That means that, if you charge it fully once a day (which is a lot), this battery will last over 16 years! This is completely different in the smartphone industry, which uses batteries that start degrading after about 500 cycles."

More details in the video and at the Android Authority link above.

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