We have heard a lot about the issues Tesla has faced in China in regards to the local population's concerns over the Model S sedan's ability to find suitable charging and travel long distances in the country.

But what is it really like?

Bloomberg's Alexandra Ho set off on a 1,300 mile trip from Shanghai to Beijing, utilizing 6 Supercharging stations and 1 "destination" station, to find out in this video diary entry entitled "Range Anxiety? We Test Drive a Tesla in China".

Truth be told, after watching the report we still don't get a keen sense of what it is like to travel in an EV across China, but rather just what it is like in general to travel a long distance by car in the country, without much commentary on the Model S itself at all.   Hopefully there is an extended report out there somewhere we can dig our teeth into soon.

Hat tip to Sven!

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