"I've never ridden a bike that point and shoots as good as this...", and thus, Kevin Bulter, awesome pro everything-we-wanted-to-be-when-we-grew-up rider sucks us once again into the Alta Motors (ex-"BRD Redshift") vortex of "...so where's my BIKE?".

Autoblog feels the prospects are good for the ultimate release of this product, but we're not weighing in on that speculation.  Ultimately, the optimism is based on a new, well produced (um, well...) videos, apparently, and plans to move to a new building.  Stranger things have happened, but how long has it been?  Let's not count the years.

We'll just enjoy the two Kevin Butler videos posted a while back on their site, shall we?

Kevin Butler Ripping Through Trails from Alta Motors on Vimeo.

Here's the full, uncut video:

Kevin Butler's Uncut Ride Through Pristine Marin County Trails from Alta Motors on Vimeo.

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