The upcoming 2016 Nissan LEAF is expected to get an available 30 kWh battery when it launches this Fall.  This should boost its range to over 100 miles (105 to 110 is what we're predicting for its EPA rating).  But beyond the 2016 LEAF, it seems there's much more range coming from Nissan.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn recently spoke in Japan at the 116th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

Only a small portion of his discussion focused on electric cars and the Nissan LEAF, but it was during this part of his talk that we learned Nissan has improved electric range on its mind.

"This video shows how we (Nissan) envision a routine day" - Carlos Ghosn from Nissan's 116th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders."

The LEAF discussion begins at the 39-minute mark and gets real interesting at 41:24 where Nissan plays a clip showing a LEAF display with 544 km (338 miles) of range.

Of course, that's a JC08 figure, which is highly optimistic, but we can quite accurately covert it to a predicted EPA rating.  On the JC08, the 2015 LEAF is rated at 228 km (142 miles), but only 84 miles per the EPA. The readout on the dash of the LEAF in the video says 544 km (presumably on JC08).  That would translate to 200 miles on the EPA cycle.  Still more than double the range of today's LEAF, but don't expect 338 miles to be achievable in real-world driving.

We expect the next-generation 2017 Nissan LEAF to boost significantly improved range over today's model, but will 200 miles be on its EPA sticker?  We sure hope so.

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