EV Quick charging point (CHAdeMO) in Japan

EV Quick charging point (CHAdeMO) in Japan

Nissan stated in its 2015 Sustainability Report that Japanese dealerships already installed 1,640 CHAdeMO DC fast chargers as of March 2015.

That's over 30% of the 5,418 reported in Japan as of the end of May.

There are over 53,500 LEAFs in Japan, so one DC charger at dealership falls on 32 LEAFs. If we include all the chargers, the ratio is nearly 10 cars for one DC charger.

"Nissan is encouraging local governments, public and commercial facilities and others in Japan to install quick chargers. It is also enhancing charging infrastructure by continuing to increase the number of Japanese Nissan dealerships with quick chargers, which stood at 1,640 as of March 2015.

Quick chargers, which can charge batteries from zero up to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes, are a key part of the infrastructure needed for the widespread adoption of EVs. Nissan launched its quick chargers in 2011. In the following year, the company improved them to make the chargers quieter and the connector easier to use, as well as enabling on-the-spot payment.

In May 2014, Nissan jointly established a new company, Nippon Charge Service (NCS), with other Japanese automotive manufacturers to promote installation of chargers for electricpowered vehicles (including EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles). Under NCS management, the companies aim to provide a convenient charging network service letting drivers charge their vehicles anywhere with a single card.

Nissan has also started working with companies that support the spread of EVs by installing EV chargers in their workplaces to make it easier for employees to commute using the Nissan LEAF."

We count 80,000 LEAFs in the US, so Nissan should've already installed 2,500 DC chargers at its dealerships or partners to keep pace with Japan, but there are just 1,238 chargers total (different owners, not only Nissan) according to the CHAdeMO Association.

Nissan of course is installing DC fast chargers in US, but at a much slower pace and is trying to use the independent infrastructure through “No Charge to Charge” program:

"In the United States, Nissan launched its “No Charge to Charge” program, which provides free access to selected charging stations for two years with the purchase or lease of a new Nissan LEAF. As of March 2015, the program is running in 15 cities where Nissan LEAF sales are high, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, and the company plans to expand to more cities in the future."

In Europe, there were 1,838 CHAdeMOs reported by CHAdeMO Association. Again we don't know how many were installed by Nissan dealers or partners. At 41,500 LEAFs, dealers alone should have 1,300 to be on par with Japan.

"In Europe, too, Nissan is focusing efforts on infrastructure by working with companies in the energy industry and others to install more than 1,500 quick chargers compliant with the CHAdeMO standard as of February 2015."

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