Andromeda Power ORCA Secure

Andromeda Power ORCA Secure

The California Energy Commission announced a $681,693 grant to Andromeda Power; a company we recall from their special CHAdeMO chargers - enabling energy transfer from one CHAdeMO-compatible car to another.

The 50 kW ORCA Inceptive on-board charger for rescue was priced at $25,990 one year ago.

Now, Andromeda Power intends to develop a smart, bi-directional fast charger with real-time controls and automated demand response - that's what the grant is for at least.

If some utility would like to be able to control the real-time usage of DC fast charging in the area, or even swallow some energy back to the grid at peak periods (with approval from participating users) such a charger in theory could enable this (V2G sort of).

"ANDROMEDA POWER, LLC. Proposed resolution approving Agreement EPC-15-015 with Andromeda Power, LLC for a $681,693 grant to develop an advanced bidirectional, smart, fast charging system to enhance the integration of plug-in electric vehicles into the electricity grid using real time monitors and controls to efficiently enable automated demand response."

Source: The California Energy Commission via Green Car Congress

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