The Renault-Nissan Alliance released an interesting presentation on China's electric vehicle market. In the presentation, The Alliance forecasts that by 2020, China will become the top EV market.

Well, that is probably an accurate China already can be considered the global leader in terms of volume. There is no other country that sold more street-legal electric cars in 2015 (~192,000)

China still needs to work on the market share side, because they are still just below 1%, while the most EV-friendly market (Norway) exceeds 20% market share.

Nissan is already present in China with theĀ LEAF Venucia e30 locally assembled by JV partner Dongfeng, but only 1,273 were sold in 2015, although we should note stronger sales in the 4th quarter than the rest of the year.

"China is poised to become the top electric vehicle market in the world by 2020. Government incentives and hassle free registration processes have encouraged many drivers to make the switch to EVs. In 2014, China registered 75,000 EV sales, giving it a global market share of 25%. In the first quarter of 2015, it registered nearly double that number. The future of mobility in China is looking greener and greener. Watch this video for more."

Locally Made, Venucia e30/Morning

Locally Made, Venucia e30/Morning

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