ChargePoint Express 100

ChargePoint Express 100

ChargePoint announced introduction of a low-cost Express 100 DC semi-fast charger. 100 because "up to 100 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH)".

These aren't completely new chargers, as they were introduced almost a year ago by Bosch for BMW for just $6,458, provided you partner with BMW (read: dealer).

Those chargers are used in the BMW, Volkswagen fast charging rollout project in the US.

ChargePoint Express 100 is available only with SAE J1772 combo plug (no CHAdeMO even as an option) and the power is around 24 kW. If someone needs more power, ChargePoint offers 50 kW Express 200, which has a CHAdeMO plug.

ChargePoint said that there are already 144 Express locations in the network.

Price of the Express 100 wasn't disclosed.

"The newest station, Express 100 , a 24kW output station, provides drivers a quick place to recharge and offers an affordable and compact DC fast charger for businesses including retail locations, restaurants and convenience stores."

"Express chargers give drivers the ability to recharge in just 20-30 minutes and are crucial for both long distance travel and quick recharging around town. There are already 144 Express locations on the ChargePoint network."

"With its compact design and state-of-the-art power conversion electronics, the Express 100 is one of the lowest cost DC fast chargers available. The station is designed to isolate critical electronic components from the outside environment, increasing reliability and performance, and with remote diagnostic capabilities, the ChargePoint Support team instantly detect problems thereby reducing down time.

Drivers can find charging stations and see their availability in real-time at or with the free ChargePoint mobile app. To start a charging session, drivers simply tap their ChargePoint card in front of the station, use the ChargePoint mobile app or call the 1-888 number printed on the ChargePoint station."

Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint’s CEO said:

“With Express charging, drivers can run errands, shop or stop for a cup of coffee while they quickly top off their battery to extend their car’s range. ChargePoint Express is giving drivers range confidence so they can depend on an EV as their only vehicle.”

Spec sheet:

Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

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