Tesla - Fireflies from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

A must-watch, fan-made Tesla commercial. It's spectacular. Watch it now!

Update:  For those who can't watch via Vimeo, a YouTube embed is also added below the story (thanks to Ambulator for that tip!)

Video description:

A fully CG film created as an homage to a brand we admire. Please watch fullscreen for best effect.

Full video credits:

Produced by Parachute (parachute.tv)

Director: Sam O'Hare Executive Producer: Sara Eolin Lead Artists: Andy Gilbert, Sam O'Hare Hero firefly animation: Eugen Sasu Rigging, additional CG: Jesse Holmes Producer: Nicole Melius Additional modelling: Todd Danielle, Gil Franco

Music and sound design: Syn (syn.co.jp)

Video link via Tesla Motors Club Forum member FluxCap

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