Towing Chart

Towing Chart

In this video (not embeddable), Tesla’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Jim Chen, briefly discusses Model X towing. He clearly says (at the 9:40 mark in the video) that the Model X will be equipped to tow Class 3 at a weight of "close to 10,000 pounds."

This figure seemed rather high to us at InsideEVs, so we reached out to Tesla for clarification.

As it turns out, Chen's statement was "not intended to be an absolute figure."

Furthermore, Tesla tells us that it's not yet confirming specs for Model X.

Using our knowledge of tow ratings and with some assistance from sources more familiar with hauling loads, we predict that the Model X will be rated to tow no more than 6,000 pounds, but hopefully we'll be proven wrong when Tesla releases spec for the Model X.

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