As Domenick Yoney at Autoblog points out, watching EVTV demands, at the very least, patience.  And lots of time.  You've no doubt heard about them spinning up a Tesla motor, and here, we bring you the version of the video with the "cut to the chase" all cued up for you.  At 58:19.  Wait.  No.  To see the thing spin up, you have to move another 20 minutes into it - to 1:22:50 or so.

You're welcome.

Judging from the splice of the Andromeda EVIC promo video, we're going to guess that's what they're using, unless they just needed to make the video, you know, longer.  We talked about that system here.

Seriously, however, to quote the Autoblog story, this sounds like fun:

With this victory, Rickard tells AutoblogGreen that he expects to see Tesla motors and inverters finding new homes within the chassis of custom EVs within months. In fact, EVTV intends to get the band wagon rolling with a second drivetrain it acquired for that very purpose.

Be sure to wander over for more detail of Yoney's discussion with the inimitable Jack Rickard, here.

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