ZEOD RC At Le Mans

ZEOD RC At Le Mans

All-electric DeltaWing GT for Le Mans is the new goal for Don Panoz and its DeltaWing Racing team.

We already saw a plug-in hybrid version developed by Nissan - Zero Emission On Demand, which could go one lap in all-electric mode, but a pure electric car would be something new.

There is no magic battery chemistry that would allow the car to complete the long race, so Panoz is considering battery swap after 50 minutes, some 30 times in total during the 24-hour race.

"Panoz, who introduced hybrid-assisted power to the legendary French endurance race in 1998 with the Reynard-built Q9 chassis (LEFT), wants to revisit the topic using his upcoming DeltaWing GT chassis and all-electric propulsion. Through a partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology, Panoz's Braselton, Georgia-based company is six months into a development program that would marry compact direct-drive electric motors to the DeltaWing GT chassis with the stated goal of competing at Le Mans without an internal combustion engine."

Interesting is that they plan to develop their own electric motors.

Source: racer.com

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