Formula E needs more power

Formula E needs more power

Formula E announced plans to increase the power output limit for electric racers (on the battery level, we believe).

In the fifth season, the cars will be able to use up to 250 kW, which is a lot when you combine low weight of 888 kg / 1958 lbs (880 from season three).

We did a small outlook on power limits in Formula E:

  • Season 1: 150 kW (originally planned 133 kW)
  • Season 2: 170 kW (today)
  • Season 3: 200 kW
  • Season 4: 220 kW
  • Season 5: 250 kW

"Although there is scope within the technical regulations for battery power to be raised to 250kW next season, as outlined in the original technical road map, after careful analysis of the performance of the batteries and the cost of developing this technology, the decision was made to phase in the power increase more gradually."

Formula E is increasing regenerative braking power from 100 kW as of today to 150 kW starting in season three.

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