Porsche Mission E Concept

Porsche Mission E Concept

Could the Porsche 911 someday become a pure electric car?

Well, according to Top Gear, it seems Porsche brass is hinting that there may well be a two-door electric Porsche in the future that borrows bits from the Porsche Mission E Concept.

Porsche's Erhard Mössle, director for the 911 Turbo line, stated:

“The Mission E could lead to a future when we need more electric cars to meet our regulations. So, you can imagine a Mission E with two-doors – the car looks great and there could be potential for a sports car."

"Whether it’s called a 911 or not is another discussion."

“Maybe, the Mission E is the starting point in this segment and as with our other car lines, you don’t just have one car, there are some variants. We had a 911 E in the past don’t forget!”

In the 911 E being referenced by Mössle, E only denoted electronic fuel injection. That was back in 1969.

Mössle adds:

“The 911 will, for a long time, remain a rear engine car with a turbo combustion engine, but of course we discuss other solutions too like a plug-in hybrid."

It seems that eventually the 911 will get a plug. The remaining questions are when? and will it be pure electric or a PHEV?

Source: Top Gear

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