Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Consumer Reports' Annual Auto Survey with data on ~230,000 vehicles includes answers to the question of how satisfying vehicles were for commuting.

As it turns out, plug-ins dominated the most satisfying commuter cars list.

Interesting is that Tesla Model S again won. Model S placed ahead of the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF and Ford C-Max (Energi).

Most satisfying commuter cars according to Consumer Reports' survey:

  1. Tesla Model S "Subscribers said: “It is a joy to drive: comfortable, agile, responsive, quiet, and ‘green.’” “Driver assist and cruise control with tracking are very convenient for routine rush hour stop and go traffic.” “Auto Pilot 1.0 keeps a safe distance between my car and others; Quiet; Comfortable; Navigation automatically adjusts to the fastest route (huge when the 405 is backed up).”"
  2. Chevrolet Volt "Subscribers said: “Essentially I gave myself a raise. My electric bill increased about $100 overall. However my employer has free charging stations at work, so I no longer pay the cost of commuting home. The HOV sticker took me about 60 seconds to appreciate.” “Able to complete my daily commute using no gas on most days. The car is much more comfortable than I anticipated. Nice to see an American manufacturer stepping up to the plate with a great EV.” “My wife uses this car for her daily commute. She can do so easily on battery alone, even on the coldest days. We then recharge overnight in the garage at a fraction of the cost of a gasoline powered vehicle. The car is smooth, comfortable and quiet."
  3. Nissan LEAF... takes train

    Nissan LEAF... takes train

    Nissan LEAF "Subscribers said: “This car is pretty much a perfect commuter car. Plenty of power, comfortable and super quiet. And of course it NEVER NEEDS GAS!!!” “Perfect commuter car, can use HOV lane, CHEAP to operate, enough range for daily commute and more.”"

  4. Ford C-Max (includes plug-in hybrid Energi version) "Subscribers said: “Great car, great gas mileage. Plenty of room. This has become the most popular car in the house.” “98% of my commuting and local driving is within the approximate 25-mile range for this car to run 100% on a battery charge from when I was last at home. Thus, the vast majority of my use is electric with only a tiny bit of gasoline mileage.”"
  5. Lexus ES
  6. Mazda3
  7. Subaru Legacy
  8. Toyota Prius
  9. Honda Accord
  10. Volkswagen Passat
Source: Consumer Reports

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