EV Fleet Condor

EV Fleet Condor

North Carolina-based EV Fleet came to the 2015 Battery Show with a few bold claims.

EV Fleet CEO and founder Brooks Agnew told AutoblogGreen that after completing tests they intend to begin sales of Condor electric trucks with a 1,000-pound payload rating in the US in February 2016.

Those vehicles will be available with 26 or 50 kWh battery packs, good for 40 or 100-120 miles, respectively.

The 26 kWh version will start at $46,500, while the 50 kWh (24 kWh more energy) will be only $3,000 more expensive, which slightly exceeds our understanding of battery costs. Prices are before any incentives/tax credits.

The biggest claim is this number: 1,117 fleets (US and in other countries) "expressed their interest" and 12,000 "export orders over the next five years, with an expected 500 to be delivered in the first year."

With 12,000 orders. EV Fleet would be in a great position as a start-up, although this sounds too good to be true.

Source: Autoblog

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