Just a reminder and slight update on the timing of tonight's Tesla Model X launch event.

The festivities/gates open will at 10 PM ET (7 PM Pacific) - likely with a lot of milling around and techno beats, but the livestream presentation and reveal, straight from Tesla, won't start until 11 PM ET (8 Pm Pacific) time.

So, for those East Coasters, be prepared for a long night.  Maybe sneak a nap in so that you'll be able to stay wide awake for all the late night Tesla action.

We'll be covering the event in real-time with all the relevant information, stats, pictures, information (and yes the livestream), so check back tonight for our coverage of the X launch.

Update:  The "crowd" is now inside according to a recent tweet:

Additionally, you'll find all sorts of Model X launch event info at #Xlaunch on Twitter.

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