Nomadic Power Range Extender Trailer

Nomadic Power Range Extender Trailer

About a year has passed since we presented Nomadic Power's concept of range extender trailers for highway rental systems.

As it turns out, the company was recently awarded a €2 million grant ($2.27 million) from the European Commission for their "MobileBattery" project.

To be honest, we don't believe in range extender trailers, because fast charging works (provided there's a network of chargers). Moreover, range of electric cars will go up over time, while trailers don't even have a standard to plug them and diminish the electric car's range. If pure electric range is not enough, customers can just choose plug-in hybrid or take/rent another car occasionally, but some may still approve of this trailer idea.

"Under the headline „Europe’s next innovation leader“, the European Union looks for innovative ideas that have the potential of becoming successful businesses. Under the auspices of the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, Nomadic Power has been selected from 785 strong competitors from all over Europe."

"Range extension, fast charging options and functions for intelligent energy management of PV systems are incorporated in „Nomads“ – the mobile batteries from Nomadic Power. Nomad capacities range from 40 up to 85 kWhs. Nomads can collect the solar energy of the photovoltaic system during the week, and on the weekend the owner of an electric car, through the connected Nomad, has an extended range of over 500 kilometers."

Nomadic Power Range Extender Trailer

Nomadic Power Range Extender Trailer

Dr. Manfred Baumgaertner, the CEO of Nomadic Power commented:

"Nomadic Power has developed a simple and efficient solution to extend the range of battery-powered electric vehicles. We see a strong future in electricy-powered mobility and an increasing use of renewable energy, photovoltaic power in particular. Our mobile batteries have great potential in these markets that recently got a significant shot in the arm by Tesla’s announcements."

Yuliya Rogachevska, Nomadic Power’s director of PR and investor relations said:

"We are very happy and grateful for the support of the European Commission. For us, this is an additional great motivator and a milestone on our way of bringing a high-quality product to our environmentally-minded customers."

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