When it came to the Nissan e-NV200 there used to only be two questions:

What is it? - for the benefit of European/Japanese population who can actually acquire it?  And when will it arrive in the United States for Americans?

Now we can add a third question:  Will future versions get the 2016 Nissan LEAF's 30 kWh battery?

The latter two questions we contacted Nissan about during NAIAS in Detroit, and we are batting a tidy .000 in answers, at least ones that will satisfy.

Still, its all-electric, and it's a van, so it is pretty special.

Now, Car Keys UK (of whom, we have found to be very fair and balanced reviewing EVs in the past) got its hands on a 2016 e-NV200 and filed a pretty comprehensive report on today's standard 24kWh version (170 km/105 mile) of the van.

Editor's Note:  the Euro/NEDC range is of course, ridiculous...think 115km/71 miles if you are looking for real world/EPA equivalents

Video (below):  Presentation video/featurette from Nissan on the e-NV200

Hat tip to offib!

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