Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode

Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode

Tesla added Ludicrous Mode upgrade to its online shop for the P85D Model S in North America.

Hardware and software retrofit switches Insane mode to Ludicrous mode, which translates to even more intense acceleration (see video).

Price: $7,500 ($5,000 parts + $2,500 labor)

incl. $500 pre-order deposit

As it turns out, changes to the badge "P85D"are part of the package too.  The switch is subtle - "P85D".

"Retrofit your existing P85D from “INSANE” to “LUDICROUS”-level performance. This upgrade represents a significant increase in power over the already insane P85D.

The LUDICROUS speed option will be available as a retrofit to all P85D customers with original vehicle orders placed before 11am PST Friday 7/17.  These cars will receive updated badging to P85D where the underline denotes the ludicrous upgrade.

*Customers are encouraged to pre-order the option. The pre-order will be registered in our system for logistic planning and priority listing once the deposit payment is transacted. The retrofit will be made available initially in Fremont to begin in the Q4 time frame. Additional Service Center hubs for the retrofit will be rolled out shortly after. Please note that the preferred Service Center you selected may not be prioritized as one of the hubs. Customers have the option to change your retrofit location once the list of Retrofit Service Centers are announced. The deposit amount will be applied to the final price of the retrofit at the Service Center when the installation is scheduled."

More details on Tesla's website.

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