The West Coast Electric Highway - DC & AC charging

The West Coast Electric Highway - DC & AC charging

Subscribe now or maybe not? AeroVironment, manager of the the West Coast Electric Highway charging network in Oregon and Washington, offers both subscription Unlimited Charging and Pay By Session (through calling Customer Service Support Line) options.

Recently, together with Recargo, they introduced a Pay By Session option (at the same price) using the Plugshare app. That would definitely be more convenient than calling support.

There are 55 DC fast chargers and 59 Level 2 charging stations included in the West Coast Electric Highway network.

Despite it being mid-2015, California hasn't yet manager to link up chargers to join the Electric Highway.

"Drivers still have the option to call AeroVironment’s customer service center to pay for and activate the stations. Pay per use charge rates are $4.00 for charging on Level 2 stations and $7.50 for DC fast chargers."

"Customers can still sign up for a value-priced subscription program that provides EV drivers the freedom of unlimited charging along the West Coast Electric Highway for a flat rate of $19.99 per month. The AeroVironment EV Net™ subscription service includes 24/7 customer support and online services that allow drivers to manage their account and track charger usage and energy consumption."

Ken Karklin, AeroVironment vice president and general manager of its Efficient Energy Systems business segment said:

“AeroVironment and PlugShare together are helping EV drivers charge easier and drive farther with this mobile pay per charge access to our network. AeroVironment is committed to enhancing the charging experience for our customers and PlugShare’s in-app feature, Pay with PlugShare, will deliver smartphone access control of our charging stations to their fingertips.”

Tonia Buell, Interim Director of Public-Private Partnerships for the Washington State Department of Transportation said:

“This new mobile service makes it even easier and more convenient to access the West Coast Electric Highway. Thousands of electric vehicle drivers in the Pacific Northwest will benefit from the added payment option and EV-friendly services. The app makes it fast for drivers to tap, charge and hit the open road.”

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