In this video interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is asked to discuss range of the Model S.

Musk suggests that it could be possible to drive a Model S over 1,000 km/600 miles on a single charge within a year or two.  He goes on to say that 1,200 km/750 miles could be possible by 2020 or so.

Editor's Note: We have to mention the Tesla CEO is talking about coaxing maximum range out of the Model S, not future EPA ratings.  The unofficial maximum-mile record today is 550 miles, set just a couple weeks ago by Casey Spensor,

In reality, Mr. Musk states the improvements year-over-year on the Model S are expected to be about 5% going forward.  Still not too bad, especially considering the decent ~280 mile/450km, "real world" range of the 90 kWh Model S today.

The range discussion begins after the 6-minute mark in the video.

Video description:

"Elon Musk interview with Danish newspaper Borsen on Sep 23 says autopilot will be out in a month, and fully autonomous driving in 3 years."


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