AAA Colorado has announced its "Electric Vehicle Mobile Charging Unit", with Level 2 charging:

The electric vehicle charging truck can charge all current EVs at Level II (240 volts @ 30 amps) as well as provide an 80 amps charge – the first mobile unit in the nation capable of doing so. AAA will provide members with discharged electric vehicles a quick charge in as little as 15 minutes, which will allow the vehicle to be driven up to 10 miles (depending on the vehicle).

AAA Colorado has recently added a Level II electric charging station at the Denver retail store located at 4100 E. Arkansas Ave. The charging station will be available to AAA members and the public at no cost. Plans are to install charging stations at additional AAA Colorado retail stores as member interest in the program increases.

Read the full story here: EV Range Anxiety? Introducing Roadside Charging.  If you want to get rid of that pesky popup, use a Colorado Zip Code, like, oh, maybe 80123.  You're welcome.

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