2014 Honda Accord PHEV

2014 Honda Accord PHEV

Honda executives have decided to discontinue the slow-selling Accord Plug-In Hybrid.

The decision comes as Honda turns its focus to some future dedicated electrified models (more details coming in a future post on InsideEVs).

Additionally, Honda announced that it is cancelling its Civic CNG (compressed natural gas) and Civic Hybrid.

Why all the cancellations of green models?  According to Honda, the decisions come mostly due to low sales, as customer's fail to see the benefit of a certain type of car when either a higher price tag, costly fuel, or lack of fueling stations are factored in:

“With any type of inconvenience customers aren’t willing to compromise."

States Honda's executive vice president John Mendel.

Accord Plug-In Hybrid sales topped out at 71 units in a single month and have bottomed out at just 2.  In the first 5 months of 2015, Honda sold only 55 copies of the Accord PHEV.

From our point of view, we put that lack of sales fully on the fact that Honda used the Accord PHV as a project halo car of sorts, pricing it outside the realm of reason.  (The fact the car only went 13 miles of electricity - provided you didn't drive it too fast or hard didn't help much either).

In fact, Honda even increased the price of the car in 2014 by $1,000 (up to $39,780), meaning it now retails for $18,675  more than the base model (try to find the value in that proposition); whereas the Prius PHV as a comparison, was priced just $5,790 higher than the base, or $3,290 higher after government incentives are factored in.

Toyota has sold 40,528 Prius PHVs in the US through May of 2015, while Honda has moved just 1,030 Accord PHVs since January of 2013.

Source: Auto Guide

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