Plug-in electric car sales in Denmark (source: <a href=EV Sales Blog) – December 2015" draggable="false">

Plug-in electric car sales in Denmark (source: EV Sales Blog) – December 2015

In Denmark, fueled by fear about the gradual electric car tax increase in the coming years, we noted an unprecedented rush for EVs in late 2015.

An estimated 1,652 plug-in electric car sales were made in the month of December, which is one third of all the 4,762 plug-ins sold in 2015.

But the details are even more interesting - Tesla Model S is the lone leader with a record high 1,248 registrations, with 2,736 cars sold for the full year - that is 75% of the plug-in market in December and 57% for the year.

There is no competition for Tesla in Denmark when it comes to plug-in sales. The second best BMW i3 is far behind in sales, as 400 were registrations to the DriveNow car sharing service in Copenhagen.

In one of our previous stories we got details on an expected price increase of Teslas in Denmark:

"Dr.Dk recently expressed the impact on prices across the Model S lineup over the next few years:

Tesla Model S 70D

Prices today 589.000 kroner ($90,641 USD) Price after 2016 with new tax 739.000 kroner ($113,700) 2017: 844.500 kroner 2018: 1.001.100 kroner 2019: 1.129.500 kroner 2020: 1.141.500 kroner ($175.667 USD)

Tesla S P85D

Prices today 875,000 kroner ($134.650 USD) Price in 2016 with new tax 1.522.400.000 kroner ($234,299) 2017: 1.585.400 kroner 2018: 1.702.300 kroner 2019: 1.812.900 kroner

2020: 1.807.100 kroner ($278,000)"

Perhaps the Tesla delivery team in Denmark will relax in January?

Source: EV Sales Blog

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