On occasion we have heard Tesla Model S complaints from owners of other electric cars;  most of these complaints center around improperly parking, basically blocking public spots reserved for charging out of convenience.   From the general public, more and more reports of showing off the car's impressive performance abilities in all the wrong places.

Neither is a good scene to be sure - but this one is a little worse.

We'd just like to point out that owning a certain type of car does not entitle you to act like an idiot, though the Model S owner in this video clearly behaves in such a manner.

By passing on the shoulder, this Model S owner feels he's allowed to jeopardize the safety and lives of others on the road.

This dash cam video catches a reckless Model S driver as he/she attempts to make illegal maneuvers on Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway.  Not the image we want to see being portrayed for the flagship of all EVs.

At one point in the video, a car is seen attempting to block the Model S' dangerous shoulder passing maneuver. The Model S driver is clearly upset with this and reacts by nearly colliding with the blocking car before falling back into traffic and then slamming the accelerator for the pass attempt again.

We don't condone this type of dangerous behavior and know that is not a reflection of the typical electric car, or Model S driver.  However, if a number of Tesla vehicles are seen being driven in such an idiotic manner, or doing max acceleration runs past the posted speed limit in busy public places, then it will instill into the minds of others that Tesla drivers generally lack regard for the law.

Much like all BMW owners have been categorized negatively, we certainly wouldn't want Tesla owners generalized in the same way.  If you do own a performance electric vehicle, we'd ask you to be mindful of those around you; and thank you if you already do.

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