Tonight's "parking garage".

Today I parked in a living room while visiting with an old college friend. The video shows what it takes to charge when there are no external outlets available.

I also had a chat with Burton, who has made some significant changes to his 2013 Zero S that he got from Brandon "Electric Cowboy" Miller. His upgrades are awesome, including an RFID key, headlight and we didn't even mention the regen lever! A regen lever is a lever (where the clutch usually is) that allows the rider to choose how much regenerative braking the bike does by squeezing the lever. I got to test it and it was incredible.

We talked a little about CHAdeMO fast charging and Iron Butt challenges. I think both of us really want to accomplish that!

Tomorrow I'm heading down Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Mountains, charging in Waynesboro, VA at Sigora Solar in the afternoon. Then moving on down the Blue Ridge Parkway to stay in Roanoke, VA for the night. Looking forward to a long ride in the woods while pushing the limits of my range.

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