Sumitomo Chemical Headquarter

Sumitomo Chemical Headquarter

We have another sign that market demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing like crazy.

Sumitomo Chemical, a supplier to Panasonic’s cylindrical lithium-ion secondary batteries, just announced plans to double the output of PERVIO separators.

"The production at its Ohe Works in Niihama, Ehime Pref., Japan will be raised to approximately 1.3 times the current capacity by next spring. In addition, a new plant for PERVIOTM will be built at its subsidiary in South Korea, scheduled to start commercial-scale production in 2017."

Sumitomo Chemical explains that demand is growing fast for both electric vehicles and smartphones.

"In recent years, lithium-ion secondary batteries for car mounting use has been in an expanding demand, reflecting automakers' active drive to launch various electric vehicles against the backdrop of consumers' rising awareness towards environmental protection and ever tightening environmental regulations. Responding to the situation, Sumitomo Chemical has thus far increased its production capacity for PERVIOTM in a stepwise manner. Expecting further growth in demand, however, the Company has decided not only to raise the production capacity at the Ohe Works, but to set up a new plant for the product at its subsidiary in South Korea, so that the Company can fortify its stable supply capability by having multiple production bases as well as preparing for possible further expansions in the years ahead."

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