Fully Charged visited Thriev, who operates 50 BYD e6 electric cars as taxis for companies in London.

In fact, they intend to introduce an additional 50 from a new batch, with higher range of some 240 miles (386 km), instead of the current 190 miles (305 km).

We are not sure whether the claimed range is actually achievable in normal operation, but with a decent battery pack size (~70kWh) nonetheless, they are well suited for taxi service regardless.

To get a better feel for 'real world' range, in the US on the EPA standard, the base E6 is rated at 127 miles (204 km) - meaning the newer edition BYD e6s for Thriev should net around 160 miles (258 km).

"First experience in the BYD e6.

A Chinese built 190 mile range electric taxi that's surprisingly pleasant to drive."

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