The next BMW i vehicle, expected to be a crossover i5, is apparently "in the final stages of consideration," according to BMW sales chief Ian Robertson.

Robertson made this statement at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show where he told press the following:

"We have a number of options that are in the final stages of consideration."

“The i unit will continue to develop.”

It's not entirely clear as to what will power the i5.  Some sources say it will be hydrogen fuel cell powered, while others suggest it will be a PHEV like the BMW i8.  There's no indication that it will be a BEV at this time.


Separately, BMW's chief financial officer, Friedrich Eichiner, stated:

“We don’t think it makes sense to load up cars with hundreds of kilos of battery power in order to get the long ranges. That’s not a solution. We think battery capacity is going to double for the same amount of weight before long.”

We don't expect the i5 to launch until 2018 or so.  In the meantime, BMW will likely make minor tweaks to its existing i cars: the BMW i3 and BMW i8.

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