While the the MINI electric vehicle program inches closer to production, it will still be years before the company actually launches any production Superleggera Vision EV or MINI E.

Everything began early way back in 2008 with hundreds of MINI E 2-seat prototypes, powered by AC Propoulsion drivetrains and battery packs, under BMW's preparation for the i3 launch.

But by 2015, MINI’s product management boss Ralph Mahler has cooled aspirations for MINI EVs to new lows, according to Auto Express.

"MINI has ruled out launching a new all-electric successor to the MINI E – at least in the short term"

In the short term there will be no electric MINI. One of the indicated reason is that "only in Norway demand for BEVs is high":

“Electric vehicles are something we always analyse, but there’s currently only one market with EV demand. We must ensure the products fit that demand. It’s a possibility, but not on the near future.”

If MINI Superleggera Vision will not make it into production, some of the design elements are promised to be used in forthcoming ICE models, such as the new Mini Convertible. That has to be consolation, right?

Source: Auto Express

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