Well, actually burritos, (and vegetarian burritos at that), but who doesn't love a good excuse for a bit of alliteration?  Motorcycle.com sent rider and writer Troy Siahaan out to play with the Victory Empulse TT that they had for a few days, and they thought a tour of LA's best veggie burrito spots would be an interesting change of pace, as well as a good, real-world test.  Starting out on the dyno and scales, he ran some tests the first day, and did the complete tour on the second.

Worldwide Tacos - When it comes to unique eats, Worldwide Tacos is hard to beat. Boasting over 150 different tacos and burritos, available with real meat or vegetarian substitutes, the menu offers items like a Grilled Lemon/Lime Steak and Shrimp, Piña Colada Shrimp, and Tequila Chili Lime Chicken, all available in either taco or burrito form. We opted to go bold and try the Vegetarian Raspberry Chicken.

Probably the most interesting points taken from the story are the actual range numbers with the fairly detailed descriptions of riding style and conditions.  This is the second review they've done, the first being a "first ride report" by Kevin Duke, editor-in-chief and the guy who gets to ride the cool stuff first.  You can read that here.

From a culinary standpoint?  Did you catch that Vegetarian Raspberry Chicken?

The off-center jaunt into the world of non-carnivorous Tex-Mex didn't pass without ruffling a few EV enthusiast's feathers, however, demonstrating once again that, maybe, just maybe, the EV world needs to grow a little thicker skin perhaps?  ("Asshats"?  Really?  This is how one speaks of one's friends and supporters?)

Read the whole story here, and enjoy the video:

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