Samsung SDI Participates in IAA 2015

Samsung SDI Participates in IAA 2015

Samsung SDI is present at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its beautiful cells on display.

According to its PR department, Samsung is the only global battery maker attending the show.

The Korean company has some contracts from BMW and recently from Audi, but is seeking additional customers - so why not attend the show as all the major players and their leadership are in attendance.

Samsung SDI offers lithium-ion cells, modules and whole packs from SDIBS (Samsung SDI Battery Systems) acquired from Magna this May.

"Samsung SDI presented a full line-up of various battery cells, introducing Standardized Modules that are compatible with both PHEV and EV as well as newly developed high-performance packs by SDIBS. Samsung SDI introduced the best EV battery solution to the world, which has been satisfying the global carmakers’ high expectation.

Samsung SDI also exhibited the automotive EP (Engineering Plastic) products that were developed through a technology that has been accumulated by taking a leading role in manufacturing and distributing high-quality materials for home appliances such as smartphones, TV, refrigerators and so on.

Samsung SDI has introduced distinctively lightweight and eco-friendly plastic materials for next-generation automobiles, such as non-painted metallic materials, high/semi-gloss materials and two color injection molding materials."

Nam Seong Cho, Samsung SDI’s CEO said:

“During IAA period, Samsung SDI introduces innovative solutions and roadmap in the field of battery-electric technology. By strengthening the current and the new partnership at the same time, we will take the lead in the electric automotive era through continuous development of innovative battery.”

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