#26 spot.

#26 spot.

BMW has been listed as the world's top green automaker as far as "being green," scoring 72.2%.

Isn't that a surprise, especially from the company that has long been focused on high-performance vehicles, like the M series (which drink gas like it is going out of style. Oh wait, it is!)?

Well, Toyota, makers of several hybrid vehicles, like the Prius, scored 69.6%.

What really helped BMW is its i division, selling vehicles like the i3 & i8..

Per AutoGuide.com:

"The list ranks the world’s largest companies on corporate sustainability and environmental impact and is conducted in partnership with Corporate Knights Capital, HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor Inc. and leading sustainability minds from nongovernmental organizations and the academic and accounting communities. The evaluation was done using eight metrics to determine environmental performance with the companies being scored against their industry peers on each metric, including energy, water and waste levels."

BMW is #26 on the list. Take a look at the list by clicking here.

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