Via this release, Advanced Microgrid announced the signing with Tesla for its 500MWh microgrid storage system.  Advanced is a "technology-agnostic" group that designs, finances, installs and manages advanced energy storage solutions for commercial, industrial and government building owners.  (As an interesting aside, it's top management are all women, with Susan Kennedy as the CEO, Jackalyne Pfannenstiel as the co-founder, and Katherine Ryzhaya as the CCO.)

AMS and

AMS and "Hybrid Electric Buildings"

“Tesla’s focus on performance and design makes them the stand out technology choice for our projects,” said Susan Kennedy, CEO of AMS. “AMS’ projects require intelligent, powerful and scalable energy storage solutions. Tesla’s technology gives us the edge we are looking for.”

AMS’ first 10-megawatt Hybrid-Electric Building Project will be installed in Irvine, California in 2016.  Read more about AMS here, on their main site.

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