"Lightning hits my Tesla"

A few weeks ago, we reported on the lightning strike that disabled a charging Tesla Model S.

Shortly after our report surfaced, a video from a different angle found its way onto YouTube:

While the new video provides no additional detail as to why the Model S wasn't functioning as usual, the owner's various posts on the Tesla Motors Club forum do offer us some insight.

Owner Sarah Day provides the updates below, which we've condensed into something a bit more readable:

Paul from the service center called me. The car is working now, and everything seems to be working the way it's supposed to work. Unfortunately, the people at the service center don't know what went wrong. The engineers at corporate were doing all the analysis and were basically relaying instructions on what to do for the car.

My car is completely fixed. They want to pay to fly me out to Ohio and drive it down here. A bit inconvenient but oh well.

I know for sure they replaced the battery with a new one, but then I was told a long list of electrical components in the high voltage system. Oh, they had to replace both chargers, too.

They're shipping out all the damaged components to California. Apparently the engineers are giddy to get their hands on everything. I'm sure they're going to do a full analysis.

Day adds that Tesla is goodwilling the fix.  It will cost her nothing, but Tesla did apparently tell her that this is not typically covered under warranty. However, an incident such as this should be covered by auto insurance, but in this case Tesla is footing the bill, so no insurance claim is being made.

Lastly, Day had to sign several legal documents presented to her by Tesla.  Some of the documents are of the NDA (non-disclosure) variety and Day says she can't discuss the contents.

And that's all we know at this point in time.  Please do click this link for a more thorough discussion of the chain of events at the Tesla Motors Club forum.

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