Here is a Nissan LEAF winter trip to Whitewater Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada for all those interested in seeing how the Japanese flagship electric car handles the task.

The big drawback is that energy consumption uphill stands at 2.7 km/kWh (1.7 miles) on average, which is a damn low value. However, because this was a local trip, it was possible to reach the destination with around half battery capacity left in reserve.

On the positive side, going down in B-mode (extensive regenerative braking) helps not only to save brakes, but the pack is charging while driving - several percent increase while going downhill, and a total of 52% when back home again. Average energy usage fell to 4.8 km/kWh (3.0 miles). That would translate to an average range of 100 km / 62 miles.

The video is via YouTuber "Kootenay EV Family", which might seem like a familiar name to those the discussion community.  Drop a question in the comment section about LEAF driving in British Columbia...or if you need a ride to Whitewater Ski Resort - you might get an answer, or a lift!

Driving experience in winter on snow was great compared to a conventional car.

"A video about winter driving in the all-electric Nissan Leaf (2014 SL model); filmed while driving to and from our local ski resort, Whitewater.

Timestamps are below for the following topics (click on the timestamp to jump to that point in the video): 0:16 - Preheating the car 1:05 - Accelerating in town 1:32 - Power to get up hills? 2:19 - Energy consumed to get to/from Apex XC Ski Area 3:30 - Stats for the climb ahead 3:55 - Traction on mountain roads 5:32 - Torque and slippery roads 6:45 - Can the car stay warm in cold weather? 8:15 - Summary of energy used to climb up 9:08 - How do we carry skis? Snowboards? 9:47 - How fast can the car heat up? Heat pump discussion. 12:19 - Regenerating energy on the way down 12:58 - Cost to heat the car on our way home, energy use by the heater 13:55 - “Panic” stop with winter tires (Nokia Hakka R2) 14:30 - What would make the Leaf better for our area? 15:10 - Cold temps and limited regeneration 16:19 - Trip stats for the first leg of the descent 16:53 - The “energy info” screen in the Leaf

19:16 - Trip summary"

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