Chevrolet S-10 EV (source Wiki)

Chevrolet S-10 EV (source Wiki)

Jay Summet recently released a video presentation on retrofitting a Chevrolet S-10 EV with Nissan LEAF batteries.

Originally, the S-10 EV was equipped with 20 lead-acid batteries, so the move to 48 lithium-ion modules from a salvaged LEAF is not only giving a second life, but also a a much improved life.

Better acceleration, range and handling are allachieved by swapping lead-acid for LEAF batteries.

Above you can find extended video, while details can be found directly at Jay's Technical Talk.

This video shows about 26 hours of work replacing 20 lead acid golf cart batteries with the 48 modules from a Nissan Leaf battery pack in my Chevy S-10 Conversion electric vehicle. Most of the action is at 16x real-time.

more about my truck

more about the Leaf battery modules

500 lbs (battery weight) instead of 1,200 lbs (544 kg) makes the difference, especially when you consider that the cost of batteries from the crashed LEAF was lower than a new set of lead acid batteries.

"Because I got a good deal on a wrecked leaf, and reduced my costs by parting out the rest of the car, the actual LiIon modules only cost me $1200 (less than a set of new golf cart batteries)! However, the overall upgrade cost me $4100 once I included the cost of a new charger, EVSE, and BMS system to support the LiIon batteries, plus all of the miscellaneous materials and tools I needed to build the batteries and cables. Not to mention the hundreds of hours of work. If I sell some of the old Lead Acid batteries I may slightly reduce that cost."

This is the salvage Nissan Leaf I purchased to harvest the high voltage battery pack from. After clearing the trouble codes, I was able to get it into "ready" to drive mode, and move it around under it's own power.

Below we attached a lot of separate, shorter videos at different stages of the project:

Drifting the rear end of a (Salvage) Nissan Leaf

Shade Tree Mechanic dropping a Nissan Leaf battery

This video accompanies the full description of how to remove a Nissan Leaf Battery Pack from a Salvage car on my blog at this URL

How to disassemble a 2013 Nissan leaf battery pack

I show how to open and take apart a 2013 Nissan Leaf battery pack to harvest the 48 battery modules (each containing 4 cells) inside.

Building a 16 volt battery from salvage Nissan Leaf Modules

I took the 48 modules from a Nissan Leaf battery pack and assembled them into 8 "batteries" of six modules each. Each battery is in a 3P2S arrangement, giving 16 volts and 180 Ah capacity.

They are going into my S-10 conversion EV.

This is a compilation of all the work that goes into making a battery. Details, plans, etc can be found at the above link. All of the action in this video is played at 4X-16X real time speed.

How to create custom length high current cables

This is an overview video showing how to create custom length high current cables (00 welding cable) for electric vehicle traction packs, off grid battery banks, etc...

Rivaling mill accuracy with a printed template and centerpunch

Using a printed template you can center punch drill pilot holes and rival the accuracy of a milling machine. It's faster than using a mill, and a lot cheaper as well!

Hiding a J1772 EV charging inlet behind a flip up license plate

It includes a J1772 salvaged from a wrecked Nissan Leaf as well as a 120 volt 15 amp RV inlet for opportunity charging with a standard extension cord. (details)

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