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Tesla has turned to NetSol to provide financing for the Model S in Germany.

Information-technology services company NetSol will handle all leasing/financing for Model S buyers in Germany.

NetSol is responsible form Daimler's financing division in Germany, so the company is definitely experienced.

As Bloomberg reports:

"Tesla Motors Inc. is using information-technology services company NetSol Technologies Inc. to manage auto leasing for customers in Germany, a key European market for the electric-car maker.

Tesla’s financing arm has started using the company to manage all of its financing and leasing back-office operations in the country, NetSol said in a statement Tuesday. Calabasas, California-based NetSol said it also counts the financing arms of German automakers including Daimler AG among its customers."

Najeeb Ghauri, founder and chief executive officer of NetSol, stated:

“Europe is a growing market for us. This is an exciting breakthrough relationship with Tesla.”

Tesla commented:

“We are making it easy and convenient to own Model S with a flexible, completely paperless leasing program to customers in Germany."

NetSol may eventually becomes Tesla's financing/leasing partner in China too.  According to Ghauri, NetSol opened an office in Beijing in 2005 and says “Chinese consumers are now realizing that instead of paying in cash, they can lease. It’s a huge market with a big upside.”

Source: Bloomberg

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