If you're into the cafe cult, no doubt you're aware of the CafeRacerXXX site.  These folks have put together one of the hardest-core gas-burnin' traditionalist oil-drippin' noise-makin' group of bike builders on the web.  Well now, it seems they're a little more open to new ideas than most would give them credit for, with a story on the "R5eIII",  the 1971-based screaming Yamaha-yellow TD3 roadracing replica built by...  OK... me.  (cue sheepish grin).

Seriously, I always kind of wince when strolling into the belly of the gas-bike cult beast, but every time I've been welcomed and met with sincere interest.  Check out the story here, and the instagram feed here (with last count of over 2000 "likes" within a few hours).

Oh, while I'm being all self-pimping and all, here's a video my kid cut, from his instagram.  Kid's got talent.


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