BMW i8 GT3

BMW i8 GT3

Two renderers present their vision of what a BMW i8 would look like in race-ready GT3 form.

As BMWBLOG states:

"...what if BMW would built a racing car based on the i8 hybrid sportscar? What would it look like? Two rendering artists put together some computer generated images highlighting the visual changes needed to transform the i8 into the i8 GT3."

"The imaginary BMW i8 GT3 hybrid race car features a wide body kit, a carbon fiber front lip, lowered spring kit and a massive rear wing. And some proper racing wheels."

It's unlikely that BMW will ever prep an i8 for GT3 racing, but at least we now know what such a machine would like it.

Images: Kolya Cherednichenko | Jaydub Design via BMWBLOG

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