The New Zealand company intends to build a nationwide charging network of 75 fast chargers in the next three years.

The first 23 chargers already were received from Australia-based Tritium.

Those are Veefil 50 kW DC fast chargers with both CHAdeMO and Combo plugs.

Well, 75 would seem to provide almost sufficient coverage of the islands. Managing Director Steve West said:

“We’ve identified around 75 sites across the country and our aim is to have fast chargers installed on all of them by the end of 2017. EVs are perfect for New Zealand; our electricity generation is 80 percent renewable and fossil fuels are expensive to export to a relatively isolated Pacific island nation. New Zealand currently has only around 250 pure EVs, but second-hand vehicles, particularly from Japan, are becoming available at a very reasonable price and as we roll out the fast charging network, I anticipate we will see a rapid uptake in the country.”


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