Over at Teslarati, Revosport's R-Zentric Tesla Model S aero kit is presented in detail.

Here's Teslarati's take on the kit:

"The R-Zentric Model S is one of the most race-inspired looking Teslas on the road today. One look and it’s evident this Model S has an innate ability to radiate Ludicrous performance without actually having to move a single electron. The seamless blend of the carbon fiber front splitter with factory bumper, along with its innocuous-looking side skirts that flow harmoniously into the factory contours, had me reduced to a whining child wanting my Christmas present five months in advance."

The author of the article, a Model S owner, was so dead set on the R-Zentric kit that he purchased one for his car and had it installed.

You can read about the install process, check out additional images and hear the author's take on the final product by clicking the source link below.

Source: Teslarati

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