Elon Musk was a guest on just the second episode of the re-booted Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday.

And as always, the Tesla CEO had just enough quirkiness to make him both intriguing and endearing to the variety show audience.

UPDATE: Original Youtube video (and subsequent full interview) has been pulled by CBS, and replaced by condensed "official" video above - not all below topics are now viewable.

UPDATE 2: Entire interview added - below story (but in lesser quality, video of video style to allow usage)

Topics included the usual fair, as well as some not-so-usual fair:

* - Tesla electric cars * - Tony Stark of Iron Man fame comparisions * - freaky Tesla robot arm charger prototype * - whether or not he was a superhero or supervillan * - using nuclear weapons on Mars to terraform it * - recent landing failure of Falcon rocket (w/clip)

Awkward moment of the interview?  Check out Mr. Musk's quick (and annoyed) reaction to being referred to as one of the "CEOs" of SpaceX.    Update: not surprisingly this did not make CBS' official cut of the interview


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