"We'll look into it," Elon Musk

Tesla Motors shareholders Mark Peters and Elizabeth Farrell Peters raised the issue of the lack of  leather-free choices for Model S.

As it turns out, only the base versions are "leather-free", and vegans complain that they can't buy higher trim Teslas, because some options are tied to leather seating.

This is a common problem for all carmakers, as most premium models are sold with leather seats/steering wheel, and offering leather-free trims affects production profitability.

Elon Musk said at the Tesla annual meeting in June that he will look into it, but for now consumers need to place a special request for non-leather versions.

"Tesla Motors shareholders Mark Peters and Elizabeth Farrell Peters had a simple request for the electric-car maker at its annual meeting in June: Stop offering leather interiors and make Tesla the first "cruelty-free" premium brand. Shareholders rejected the proposal after Tesla's board said it would delay production of its electric cars. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk seemed intrigued. "We'll look into it," he said. Last month, the Peterses took delivery of a leather-free Tesla Model S, the second one in their Hurst, Texas, garage."

Source: Autoblog

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