The standard BMW i3 is no slouch in the handling department, but as with most off-the-shelf cars, there's room for improvement.

H&R is known for producing quality lowering springs that enhance handling, while only diminishing ride quality slightly

Now H&R has a lowering spring kit for the BMW i3, and European Auto Source has outfitted its electric i3 with the H&R package.

As BMWBLOG states:

"In order to increase the driving dynamics and its stance, European Auto Source decided to install a set of H&R Springs on the fully electric i3. Without sacrificing ride quality, the H&R Lowering Springs installed on this i3 gave it a fairly decent drop. Benefits of the H&R springs are not only the lowered stance but also a lower center of gravity providing improved handling. The i3 can be be lowered anywhere from 1.0″ to 1.8” on average."


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