Tesla Model S owner Bjorn Nyland is known for his spectacular YouTube videos that focus on his experiences behind the wheel of the Model S.

Recently, Bjorn became the first Model S owner to refer 10 buyers.  In doing so, Bjorn will get a free Tesla Model X, but beyond that he has/will receive thousands of dollars in referral money from Tesla.

Instead of keeping that money for himself, Bjorn decided to go out and buy Tesla-to-CHAdeMO charging adapters, which he will distribute for *free* to Tesla owners in Norway.

Here's Bjorn describing how it will work:

"I recently bought 15 CHAdeMO adapters and will buy more. They will be available on several spots in Norway. If you want to borrow, you have to pay a 3500 kr/400 € deposit in cash. When you return you get that amount back."

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