For most of us, the not-so-long-lived saga of the TTXGP, (the all-electric motorcycle road racing series founded by Azhar Hussein), was almost impossible to follow.  Through it's initial concept, fits and starts and sanctioning drama throughout each season, along with posts and discussions online flavored with generous doses of, uh, "enhanced self-interest", in a lot of ways it underscored just how much of motorsports, and motorcycle racing in specific, is a dance of money, ego and testosterone.  That's why we love it, right?

For some, however, they were in the thick of it.  David Herron was one of those.  Living on the west coast, writing for The Examiner and with his finger on the pulse of EVs and electric motorcycle racing, Herron saw most of it, and talked to almost everybody.  He got inspired to document it all, piecing together what links were still available, a detailed timeline, and the photos and stories he had in the vault.

This just came into our inbox: "I know why it took me so many years before attempting something like this -- this turned out to be a LOT of work.  8,888 words and collecting together a bunch of pictures." ...with this link: 2009-10 & the TTXGP as the Launching Point for electric motorcycle racing.

If you'll excuse us, we have some reading to do...

And to David?  A huge thanks, and congratulations on a landmark bit of work for posterity.

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