Faraday Future increases our curiosity ahead of its first concept car debut at 2016 CES.

Not showing anything, but asking what if...

"Faraday Future: What if? What if there was an electric car that not only helped preserve the environment — it actually made us look forward to the daily commute? What if such a car could redefine our relationship with the automobile itself? Our new short film — 'What if?' — explores the cleaner, better world we're building at Faraday Future, and the big questions that drive us. http://faradayfuture.com"

The video, with questions instead of answers, is sufficient to infer that Faraday Future is developing all-electric, autonomous cars with breakthrough design, all the connectivity that one could imagine (phones, Internet, and of course on-board InsideEVs.com).

It appears there maybe be a new business model tie-in with car sharing - you could just pay a monthly rate and summon an autonomous car. Sounds interesting.  We'll know more soon, as CES is just around the corner (January 6th).

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