Harrison Ford Driving His Tesla Model S

Harrison Ford Driving His Tesla Model S

It's not new news that Harrison Ford owns a Tesla Model S.  He's been a Tesla owner for close to a year, by our best estimations.

But this image captures what's believed to be Harrison Ford's first time out in public since his March 5 plane crash.

As Daily Mail reports:

Harrison Ford has been seen out in public for the first time since being seriously hurt in a plane crash on March 5.

He was spotted driving his silver Tesla in Los Angeles accompanied by a male friend in the front passenger seat.

It's a clear sign that the 72-year-old actor is on the mend after he was forced to crash land his Second World War-era plane on a Venice golf course.

The fact that Ford is able to drive now after that crash in which he broke his pelvis and ankle should be a relief to his fans.

Source: Daily Mail

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